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Throughout December only 4 noise complaints were reported to us .

Due to the influx of guests that visited over the festive season, the power grid was put under immense pressure causing power failures and a few transformers to blow.

On a good note the park received some well needed rain which the community and animals alike could appreciate. The bush is nice and green and the river has risen quite nicely.

The animals have had babies which are healthy and thriving.

CRIME (6 crime related emergencies)

  • 1X House breaking (TV was taken)
  • 1X Attempted house breaking (window broken)
  • 1X Theft at a business (computer screen taken)
  • 3X Theft at residential (phones, binoculars, bicycles) ¬†
  • 1X Child abuse

MEDICAL(32 medical emergencies)

  • 8X insect/animal related incidents(spiders, snakes, scorpions)
  • 10X naturally occurring incidents(strokes, heat stroke, blood clots etc)
  • 12X self inflicted incidents(falling, injuries while working with equipment, eating poison(child), etc)
  • 2X Motor vehicle accidents(no injuries)

Over all 6 patients were transported to hospital with Swift EMS. Two patients were transported with Provincial EMS and one patient was airlifted with Halo 5 chopper.

FIRES(Field assisted with three fires over the December  period, in and around Marloth Park.)

  • ¬†Farmers from nearby farms requested assistance as a bush fire had become uncontrollable.
  • A nearby compound on the Ngwenya road had caught alight.
  • A transformer within the park overheated and exploded causing a fire which was swiftly extinguished.
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