• Armed Response Units

Our state-of-the-art control room located in Central Marloth Park is the heart of the business and core to our armed response success all information is fed through the control room which allows for extremely quick response times. All officers are physically and mentally suited to the role of an armed response officer. Naturally, all officers are licensed firearm users and have firearm competence.

  • Control Room & Safekeeping of Keys

Field security consulting and management services has a centralized control room facility, which is a key aspect in ensuring the safety and security of homeowners, residents, employees, and visitors to the region. Keys can be dropped off or collected 24/7 from our control office. This service offers peace of mind to property owners and visitors to the region.

Key collections and drop-offs are logged into our data service and signed for, therefore offering an accurate record of when who and how many times keys have been collected and dropped off for any given time. Owners of properties can request a monthly report any time which will outline all activity relating to the collection and return of keys.

  • Medical Unit

Field Security Medical Service is for anyone in Marloth Park.

  • Field Security Members get a free call out for medical assistance and emergencies
  • Non-Members are billed a R200 Call out fee.

Field Security has a fully equipped response vehicle which can deal with any medical emergency. There is no need for a medical aid for a call out.

Field Security has a joint venture arrangement for Ambulance services when required.  For this service a Medical Aid is required and, in the event, no medical aid options are available, a cash payment for the service is required.

In the event of a Medical Emergency or assistance, call 082 828 1043 which is the control room.

From there the relevant units will be dispatched.

  • Fire Response Unit

Field Security has a full time 24/7 fire response unit, equipped with a 1000 litre water tank and   60m fire hose, standpipe coupler to fit municipal Fire Hydrants & suction pump, enabling us to pump water from swimming pools & splash pools where necessary. The unit is also equipped with Fire Beaters on board.

  • K9 Dog Unit

Our Canine unit is available to suit any type of situation e.g. crowd control, firearm awareness, seek and find as well as corridor canines. We supply neat looking kennel, choke chain, leash, grooming equipment, feeding equipment, all veterinary needs, and requirements. Canines are selected to best suit the client’s needs and geographical surroundings.

  • Investigations and Follow up

Field Security Investigations Services include risk management and investigation solutions within the areas of corporate, industrial, retail, insurance and personal sectors, customised through a thorough consultation with the client.

Personal Investigative Services:

  • Full consultation services
  • Case-specific private investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover investigation and probing
  • Electronic Counter Measure Investigation
  • Polygraph Testing

  • SMS Service

Here at Field Security, we offer unlimited customer support Two-way text messaging service for our members which is the ideal support service.

SMS is uniquely personal, instantaneous, and enables the customer to receive exactly the help or support they’re looking for when it comes to legal or illegal activities in the area.

  • Alarm Support & Data Capturing Service

Here at Field Security, we offer a 24/7 On-call Service in the event an alarm is reported to be faulty or out of order.

Included in the service, we offer an alarm Monitoring and Data Capture service for our members. All members household alarms are monitored at the control room. In the event alarms are set off, units are dispatched to the premises.

Data is captured and stored at the control room and therefore keeping records when alarms are set off and where needed patterns recorded for monitoring.

Call out fees are applicable for the unnecessary setting off alarms.

  • Snakes and Critters

Here at Field Security, we offer a Snake and Critters removal Service. Our policy is capture and release when we are called out to assists residents

In the event of assistance, call 082 828 1043 which is the control room.

From there the relevant units will be dispatched.

  • Fire Extinguisher Sales and Servicing

Fire extinguishers are some of the most valuable fire protection equipment you have in your building or property, so making sure they are well-maintained is extremely important.

Proper fire extinguisher service and maintenance include monthly self-check-ups, annual professional inspections.


Field Security specialises in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of all Fire Protection Equipment. Our installations include solutions for the industrial & residential Needs

Field Security furthermore supplies Portable Fire Equipment including Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants, Fire Extinguishers, Booster connections, Fire Blankets, and Fire Signage.

Contact us for your needs

082 828 1043

E-mail: field@fieldsec.co.za

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